About Me

Hi!  My name is Tim.  I love food.  I also love wine.  So I have spent many years cooking, studying and collecting wine, and of course eating and drinking.  Actually, that may be what I really love…

I currently live in Scaggsville, MD, which is located between Washington, DC and Baltimore.  So I have access to some great restaurants, particularly in Washington and of course Maryland Blue Crabs!

I grew up in Eastern Ohio, close to Pittsburgh, which is a great area with lots of ethnic foods.  I spent many years in Columbus, OH where I graduated from THE Ohio State University, so I am a huge Buckeye fan as well as a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.  I tell you this so that if you see an odd post here with a rant about a disappointing loss by one of those teams, you won’t be surprised.

Anyway, back to why I created Flavor Blender.  When you have a great meal, paired with the right wine, magic can happen.  So I am constantly in search of those magical experiences.  I decided that sharing that journey and the experiences along the way would be fun.  And perhaps if anyone reads this blog, they will have some of those magical experiences too.



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  1. Greetings Flavor Blenders! Tim has encouraged me to introduce new foods to my palette and it thanks me everyday! I have had the pleasure of dining with this connoisseur of food many, many times and this guy knows his stuff! Can’t wait for future postings and I’m all signed up to recieve them. Looking forward to more postings about what’s cookin’!

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