My First Recipe Post…

Before I began this Flavor Blender blog, I studied a number of food and wine blogs to get ideas, find styles, etc.  They all made it look so easy.  Recipes that worked perfectly, food that tasted great and looked amazing, and beautiful photos of the process and finished results.  “I can do that” I recall saying to myself.

So imagine my surprise when I attempted my first recipe for this blog over the weekend and things didn’t go so well.  Hmmm a learning process indeed!

So I have been thinking about how to post this first attempt and have decided that perhaps just telling the whole truth would be best.  My “challenges” might just save someone else from those same things.  It also confirms that things don’t always turn out perfectly.  So for this post and probably for most posts I’ll include “What went right”, “What went wrong” and “What I would do differently” sections.  I also realized I need to improve my photo skills.  Most of my pictures turned out like a middle school art class still life.

At least I have a lot to work on and improve.  So look for better posts in the future.  For now its a work in process.



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  1. Aren’t we all a continual work in progress. Readers will learn just as much from your “that sucked” posts. Progress onward, Chef Tim! xo

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